An urban fantasy/horror from the author of BRIMSTONE'S KNIGHT. DISFIGURED ANGEL by W. Wright
Disfigured Angel is an urban fantasy/horror. Subject matters include birth defects,
an ancient curse, cannibalism, brutal violence, death and bi-polar symbiosis.
Anyone with mental health issues should exercise caution.

"Magnificent! W. Wright is about to do for the lowly gargoyle
what Bram Stroker did for the vampire!" - Chandler

"Holy crap, not what I expected... it was far better!" - P. Lowell

"Simply the best gargoyle story EVER!" - Demetrius

"OMG, I freaking loved it! This is serious movie material!" - M. Bost

"Five stars, people are going to be talking about this novel." - S. Blevins

“That was insane! 5 stars shining bright!” - L. Harris

"This isn't your parent's gargoyle story, 5 stars!" - R. Pendelow

“Dude, you’re going to put somebody in a mental hospital!” - T. J. Foster

"A compelling, irresistible, and disturbing urban fantasy!" - Keppler

“Five stars! Now excuse me while I call my therapist.” - J. Barnes



Story takes place in modern day Chicago, Illinois.

Adam Lucius Evans had a troubling birth, a hidden childhood, a challenging life, and he faces a nightmare of a future. Father Harris and Sister Elizabeth see him as a disfigured angel. Others see him as a demon. Luke becomes a friend to the hungry and the homeless of Chicago. He will answer the call when his city needs a champion. He will fall in love, but his deformities will prevent him from expressing his feelings. The young monk has the singing voice of an angel, yet he must stay hidden beneath hooded tunics. He was born with Hurler’s Syndrome, also known as gargoylism. But something unimaginable will enter his life unexpectedly. A deadly darkness will inhabit Luke’s consciousness. Deep within the inner abode of young Luke’s mind a vicious beast will manifest itself. It is an ancient creature and extremely clever. Believed to have first appeared in old Romania, they were given the name of gargoyle. The origin of these creatures is wrapped in mystery and shrouded by deception. The truth is perhaps lost in history forever. Luke’s physical appearance was bad enough without this entity’s strange presence. When he allows it to take control of his body Luke transforms into a monster. However, Luke feels that he truly needs this terrifying inner beast if he is to survive the dark streets of Chicago’s River District. Yet, he can’t help but wonder, will this strange symbiote be his salvation or will it become his eternal damnation?

“In a time of crisis, let not darkness
from within your soul arise.”

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