Brimstone's Knight II - Fall of Wormwood Author & Artist

The fast paced hard hitting action of Brimstone’s Knight continues in Fall of Wormwood, the second installment of W. Wright’s incredible Sci-Fi trilogy. Although the beginning starts out slow it isn’t without some unexpected surprises. Situations change when the ice giant Avalanche pays the Lord Commander a visit. The fierce dragon’s attitude is less than cordial toward Eric. That visit takes an unexpected and violent turn that will change the very structure of the knight’s command.

The knight’s government contact Agent Burgess has issues of his own. In Washington a newly elected president begins to reveal that he isn’t the kind of man everyone thought he was. President Strump plans to take advantage of the chaos and become America’s first dictator for life. All this is happening as a global disaster approaches and it’s a terrifying matter to consider. The church fell in book one of the series and chaos quickly followed. Now the biblical prophecy of Wormwood and the tribulation period has come. Earth’s alien allies flee and the planet is left all alone to deal with the devastating matter.

Several intertwining factors come into play such as the science community, politics, and the military. Keep in mind that the knights are beginning to age. The constant fighting from the first book is beginning to wear them down, not just physically but mentally as well. When the Wormwood fragments strike the Earth it creates monsters from Earth’s past as well as new ones. The world is thrown into complete chaos which leaves a third of the planet’s population dead or dying. With the military trying to hold the United States together, the knights are called upon to be monster hunters and they’ve got plenty to deal with. If that weren’t enough, the knights will discover that the Krollian problem isn’t over. Eric and Sir Jamison are being secretly stalked and this adversary wants their heads! Defending Earth as its champion isn’t without cost, lives will be lost and hearts will be broken.

Just when the knights think they’re getting matters under control the curse of Nimburu reveals itself. The knights must act swiftly to find something powerful that was hidden by the early Knights Templar. The old dragon known as Inferno quotes an ancient dragon prophecy that speaks of Wormwood; it says they should seek out the balance. They know little more than that until Claude speaks with his dragon. The commander’s First Knight discovers that whatever it is they're in search of, it may be found within a small chapel. The building is hidden deep in the forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The answers the Knights of the Hampton Shire need will take them near Keystone, West Virginia. The old coal mining town has an incredibly evil history and evil attracts evil. The knights must hurry for time is of the essence. The curse of Nimburu is coming and it will leave nothing in its wake!

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